Putin: Guarantee national defense capabilities is the most important national task in Russia

Putin: Guarantee national defense capabilities is the most important national task in Russia

  Xinhua News Agency, Moscow, February 23 (Reporter Hedi) Russian President Putin said on the 23rd that ensuring national defense capabilities is always the most important national task of Russia. Reliable guarantee.

  February 23 is the defenders of the Russian motherland. Putin delivered a video speech on the same day that the current international situation is complicated, and NATO’s increasingly active and the military control system has led to danger. At the same time, Russia has not yet responded to the establishment of an equal and inseparable security system. Russia has always held an open attitude towards the development of direct and frank dialogue and exploration to solve complex issues through diplomatic channels.

  Putin said Russia will continue to develop military forces to ensure that the army is equipped with the latest equipment. In recent years, the modernization level of the Russian armed forces has been continuously improved, and it has been confirmed in Syria’s operations that Russian armed forces have the ability to complete complex tasks.

He also said that assault inspections and regular large -scale exercises showed that the Russian forces’ combat and synergy capabilities have been greatly improved.

  Putin said that Russia will continue to develop weapon systems including hypersonic weapons to expand the scope of application scope of digital technology and artificial intelligence, thereby enhancing the combat strength of Russian forces.

  On the same day, Putin presented a wreath to the tomb of unknown martyrs outside the Red Wall of the Cremlin in Moscow. On February 23, it was the Soviet Union’s Army Festival. After the disintegration of the Soviet Union, Russia changed the festival to the defenders’ day of the motherland.

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