"Running · Juvenile" National Children’s Children’s National Elementary School Activities Start

"Running · Juvenile" National Children’s Children’s National Elementary School Activities Start

Xinhua News Agency, Jinan, May 31. The 2022 "Running · Juvenile" chess series of chess series activities hosted by the State General Administration of Sports and the China Chess Association was launched at the Liaocheng International Chess Training Base in Liaocheng, Shandong on the 31st.

According to reports, the event will run through June to December this year. The content includes the "Running Bar · Juvenile" National Chess Campus League, the International Chess Public Welfare Lecture Hall, the online knowledge competition, online knowledge competition, etc. A number of activities aims to deepen physical education and further promote children and adolescents to actively participate in international chess sports skills training and event activities.

At the launching ceremony, all sectors of society sent blessings and messages to this event.

Tian Hongwei, director of the International Chess Department of the State General Administration of Sports, said that he hopes that the majority of children and adolescents will actively participate, enhance international chess sports skills, enjoy fun, enhance physical fitness, improve personality, and refine will in the event.

The fourth women’s world champion Hou Yifan and other international chess players made a helping speech online.

The main venue of the launching ceremony of the day was located in Dongchang Mansion District, Liaocheng. The local national elephant atmosphere was strong. In 2017, the Dongchang Prefecture District was awarded the honorary title of "Township of National Chess".

Zhang Yan, deputy head of the Dongchangfu District of Liaocheng City, said that the event will build a broad platform for the healthy growth of local youths. The local area will be carefully organized and widely publicized, and this event will be held. In order to continuously improve the physical fitness and will of children and adolescents Quality, show the new spiritual style of children and adolescents in the new era, and build a healthy China and sports power.

Zhu Guoping, director of the State General Administration of Sports, and Ma Weihong, deputy mayor of Liaocheng City, played chess for the competition. As the guests pressed the start -up key at the same time, the "Running · Juvenile" national children’s youth chess series of chess series was officially launched.