To extend maternity leave to women, it may not be a good thing for the two sessions of the two sessions

To extend maternity leave to women, it may not be a good thing for the two sessions of the two sessions

On Women’s Day, we talk about women’s fair employment.

When the two conferences in the country were ongoing, a number of representatives of the National Two Associations were hotly searched on the advice of the three children’s fertility. For example, the subsidies for women’s units for childbearing age, extended maternity leave, increased parenting leave, improved maternity insurance, forced male accompanying maternity leave, free three -child entrustment Cultivation service … Which fertility policy do you support the most? In the fourth issue of "The Youth of the two sessions" in 2022, Tang Mengjun, a researcher at the China Population and Development Research Center, and the director of human resources of the Chinese High Science and Technology and the post -90s novice mother Sun Meng discussed the female fertility problems in the workplace, and connected the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, China, China He Dan, director of the Center for Population and Development Research, jointly explores the solution.

To extend maternity leave for women, it may cause girls to find more difficult for girls. Tang Mengjun said that a major problem that causes women to employment is that men and women are too different in fertility. Advocating mandatory male companion leave systems may narrow this gap. Sun Meng is a senior HR of a listed company, a mother who has just returned to the workplace, and has a 7 -month -old daughter.

With a "dual identity", she understands the dilemma faced by women in work and life.

"The longer women’s holidays, the more concerned the employers are." Why are more and more young people unwilling to have children? In recent years, my country’s fertility rate has continued to decline, which has attracted much attention from all parties. According to the data released by the National Bureau of Statistics, the natural growth rate of my country’s population in 2021 was ‰, which fell below "1", a new low of more than 40 years.

Why do more and more young people do not want to have children? The reporter learned that "fear of affecting work" has become one of the main reasons that hinder the fertility of women.

How to improve the willingness of fertility and help build a "fertility friendly" society? On March 5th, the government work report pointed out that it is necessary to improve the supporting measures of the three -child fertility policy, incorporate the care costs of infants and young children under the age of 3 into the special additional deduction of personal income tax, develop inclusive care services, and reduce the burden on family support.

In the show, it talked about whether to support subsidies to subsidize women’s units, and Sun Meng, who had just returned to the workplace, supported his hands and feet.

She said that policy orientation is very important, and the state must "platform" to women.

"Many Western countries have a precedent for subsidies for corporate subsidies, and they have also proven that they can work.

"Tang Mengjun said," More importantly, it shows that the government has such orientation, and hopes that companies can play a role in letting everyone give birth to children. "Regarding this policy suggestion, do you support it? Click the video to participate in the discussion with us ~ What can you do for female employees of childbearing age? What should I do? What is the policy that allows young people to relax? How should all parties in the society share fertility costs in balance? What role should men play in their families? What new views will Member He Dan bring you? Let’s take a look! [Responsible editor : Wang Junxiu].