"Double 11" is so difficult to consume?

"Double 11" is so difficult to consume?

"Double 11" and today has become the "Carnival" of the whole people. Every year, "Double 11" is the peak of online shopping, and more and more business participating in "Double 11". People in "Double 11" consumption also increasingly The more, the "Double 11" sales of Tmall, Jingdong and other online shopping platforms continue to refresh.

"Double 11" can attract people’s consumption, the most critical factor is the discount promotion of merchants, consumers can buy cheap goods in "Double 11". Just as the positive side of the coin, the merchant is in promotion, and some "Double 11" exists in the "pit".

First price, then price reduction, discount goods are more expensive than discount; the so-called full reduction After tossing a large circle, I found that the final discount was only reduced. Why consumers shouted their merchants in "Double 11" more sincerity, less sets, but the business in the "Double 11" design is more and more, the discount promotion procedures are more and more complex, more and more test people IQ ? In the face of discounts, full reduction, snapping, launch, fan welfare, cash benefits, etc. Since it is a promotional benefit consumptor, it is clear that there is a very simple discount promotion method, why do you want to design so many sets? One product, original price of 100 yuan, "Double 11", how many discounts, 50% off, six folds, more than six folds, clearly white, clear the standard, let consumers see it, it is convenient, Such a clear discount promotion method, why do merchants have to bypass 100,000 miles, think of countless faders to play discount routines? In fact, there is no need to put simple and practical discount methods, take discounts, full reduction, snap-up, launch, fan welfare, cash welfare, etc., the purpose is to make consumers to pay more, but the final consumers If you buy the goods, it may not be cheap, even more expensive than usual.

At the moment, "Double 11" playground has become a common phenomenon, which is obviously not a good phenomenon, because many "sets" is "digging" to consumers, infringing consumer rights.

"Double 11" is so difficult to consume? It can be seen that let the merchant in "Double 11" hung consumers must have a strong supervision, and the online shopping platform should fulfill the responsibility of the main body, and the merchant "one vote veto" in violation of consumer rights, completely clear the platform . As a consumer, there is a real discount on "Double 11" merchant? How much discount is it? Really want to polish your eyes, don’t be stunned by "手".

Sun Xiao 2).