Qinghai has built a "think tank" to invest "source live water" for green electricity development

Qinghai has built a "think tank" to invest "source live water" for green electricity development

Qinghai Province Green Power Association was formally established. People’s Network Jiang Ying photo People’s Network Xining April 21 (Jiang Ying, Liu Peiran) On April 21, Qinghai Provincial Green Power Association (hereinafter referred to as the association) was formally established, and the first member meeting of the first member of the Association was successfully held. Wang Yong, deputy secretary general of Qinghai Provincial Government, attended the establishment of the conference and unveiled.

Qinghai Provincial Green Power Association by the National Network Qinghai Province Power Company, Qinghai Yellow River Upstream Hydropower Development Co., Ltd., Huaneng Qinghai Power Generation Co., Ltd., Datang Qinghai Energy Development Co., Ltd., National Energy Group Qinghai Electric Power Co., Ltd., Three Gorges Golmud Clear power The company and the China and Guangguangqing Qinghai Coldhu Wind Power Co., Ltd. jointly launched, and it is the construction of Qinghai Province to promote the construction of clean energy demonstration provinces, and create innovative initiatives in the highland of clean energy industry.

The conference was elected to produce 11 members of the first council of the Qinghai Province, 3 supervisors of the first Supervisor, and the head of the first social groups were elected: Director Xie Xiaoping, the vice chairman Li Taiyuan, the Secretary-General Bin Bin. It is understood that the Qinghai Green Power Association is a thinking tank and high ginseng in the energy administrative department, and it is also an important channel for the government to do a good job in energy work. Qinghai will make full use of the unique advantages of social group organizations, reflecting the desires and requirements of members, and actively promotes relevant policies, regulations, and strives to achieve the situation and promotes the overall linkage development of the province’s energy enterprises. Enterprise interests, industry interests, and social interests share a win-win situation. At the same time, the association is constructed as an opportunity to build a clean energy industry demonstration province, build a clean energy industry, establish a longer-term, continuous, consolidated cooperative exchange mechanism, promote regional, government-enterprise energy strategies, and promote carbon peaks and Carbon neutralization work together.

In recent years, Qinghai Province has a "all road" clean energy forum, all net green electricity activities have won wide concern in all sectors, and has achieved better social response.

After the establishment of the Association, Qinghai will preparatory 2021 "all the way" clean energy forum as the weight of the work, tightly "carbon-up, carbon neutral" "National Clean Energy Industry Highland" theme, carefully planned, carefully organized, Careful coordinating, set the characteristics, run the highlight, and do a boutique.

(Editor: Yang Qihong, Ganhai Qiong).