Ruixi is a moment of Zhejiang: Double Festival "full of blood resurrection" "Zhejiang" unique play is dazzling!

Ruixi is a moment of Zhejiang: Double Festival "full of blood resurrection" "Zhejiang" unique play is dazzling!

  According to reports, in the same year, the National Day holiday, the domestic tourists have averaged more than the day, reaching the day, and there will be a half in the eight-day holiday.

According to Xinhua Ruisi system, it is known that the media and netizens mentioned the "Zhejiang Holiday" mentioned the high frequency of the frequency as the epidemic, island, recovery, tourists, consumption. October 7th is the peak period of information release, and the amount of information is 19911.

"Double Festival" holiday, the top five of Zhejiang hot scenic spot is: West Lake Scenic Area, Jiaxing Wuzhen, Jiaxing South Lake, Zhoushan Shenjiamen Fishing Port Small Town Scenic Area and Zhoushan Putuo Mountain. This year’s National Day double "Golden Week", "rural tour" has become a popular choice for "Zhejiang".

Many people avoid hot scenic spots, stay away from intensive people, relax in the villages in the suburbs, enjoy holiday time. On the day of the Mid-Autumn Festival, the long street feast of Nanxun Ancient Town did not have a villain, eat moon cake, guess riddles, rewards … Many tourists have spent a different Mid-Autumn Eve here. "Parent-child tour" and "cultural tour" momentum is still strong.

Huzhou Wuxing District Giraffe Manor, Anji Zhongnan Hundred Grassland, Hellokitty Paradise, Idyllic Paradise and other parent-child scenic spots are good. Wen travel integration makes the docking of cultural products and tourism market demand.

At the list of Li Shutong Memorial Hall, "a Ye Yiboda-Hongyi Master Book Jiaxin Proverbs" Smiling tears "feel the warmth of the family and the country … is a lot of travel ways of" literary youth ".

  "The World Wonders Haining", "Tour Tour" is also one of the characteristics of "Zhejiang" tourism. In 2020, Haining Tongchao Festival is coincident with a long holiday. On October 4 (August 18, Ltd., the Haining Salt Hydrology Station recorded the tide of Dami, the old salt warehouse ushered in the biggest trend in the past 3 years, attracted the tourist view, more than 1.78 million netizens "cloud" Watch the tide. A batch of "new human" no longer satisfied with traditional play mode, a group of personalized tourism new technologies is booming, such as "Island Tour" "Route Tour" and so on.

In the "Musah" of the city of Qiandao, the soft sand, the blue sea, and the sea wind is very refreshing; there is a Wenzhou Town, which is known as the "Maritime Garden", fishing, island tour, island camping, view Star listening to the sea makes the seaside travel colorful.

The island tourism has spawned the "one-room hardship" of the traditional island budget, and may try a "new" "B & B" – "Room Camp".

For example, in a RV camp in Zhoushan, dozens of fixed-type routing are distributed in their respective independent hysteres, become a special "island home".

After the Zhoushan Putuoshan Airport opened the "Shanghai Scenic Express", Shanghai Jinshan-Zhoushan Putuoshan water aircraft project overlooks the whole picture of the East Hai Bridge, Yangshan Port, Putuo Mountain; 嵊 嵊 将 海 海 特 特 特 入; … in the beach, all kinds of novel, interesting "play" make people dazzled.

  In recent years, Zhejiang has put "poetry and painting Zhejiang" as a brand identity of tourism, and vigorously implement "tourism +" project, promoting island tourism, marine tourism and rural tourism, cultural tourism, ecotourism and other synergies.

In this gorgeous season, come to "Zhejiang" to a beautiful date in the fall. Planning: Liao Xiaohua Monitor: Xu Le Jing Design: Cheng Huan Hang "Ruisi First" (Zhejiang) is jointly produced by Xinhuanet Client, Xinhuanet University Data Center, Xinhuanet Zhejiang Channel, please indicate the source.