Struggling 100-year road to sail new journey · National "two excellent one first" wind record | Chongqing Nanchuan District River Town Changping Village Party Branch: I took off "long poverty" cap, I

Struggling 100-year road to sail new journey · National "two excellent one first" wind record | Chongqing Nanchuan District River Town Changping Village Party Branch: I took off "long poverty" cap, I will take it on Zhenxing Road

  Xinhua News Agency, August 20th, Qiji: Chongqing Nanchuan District River Town Changping Village Party Branch: I took a "long poverty" cap, I walked up the Zhenxing Road Xinhua News Agency, Ke Gaogang Liqiu, Chongqing Nanchuan District River Town Changping Village, green is full, fruit fragrance: new thousand mu tea gardens, tea seedlings are good; vegetable greenhouses, a string soiled tomato is loved; kiwifruit is ushered in harvest, fruit is full The branches … Changping Village was the only poor village in the Town, Chongqing City. In the past, the traffic was closed here, and the industrial development was lagged behind the local people. Since the resulted in the leadership "In the past, our traffic was not smooth, and the industry in the village was almost a blank.

"Li Qiu Ming, secretary of the party branch of the Changping Village, said that there is no road in the countryside, which is difficult. The spacious asphalt road has passed to the village, and Changping Village is gradually displayed from the location advantage of Chongqing main city and Nanchuan City. Sales and Country travel brings valuable passenger flow.

"New farmer" Wei Liangzhong is insonsed to set up more than 100 acres of figs under planting professional cooperation. In addition to selling fresh fruits, cooperatives also processed figs, figs and other products, the "Facial Picking Festival" held by the "Facial Pizza Festival" received tens of thousands of visitors.

  I have no experience in industries, what should I do? The Changping Village Party Branch opened "Changping Night Class", providing policy preaching, entrepreneurial training, training practical talents, and mobilizing young people who have developed into home business.

Tea, kiwi, greenhouse vegetables … With the support of the party branch, one of the industrial projects that suited to the local area.

  The road to the industrial revitalization of Changping Village is inseparable from the dividend of shares.

In order to let the people have continuously income, the party branch of the Changping Village has decided to put more than 2 million yuan of industrial poverty alleviation funds into farmers cooperatives. Through the contrasting stocks to the way of poor households, the poor households will make poor households as shareholders. Sharing industry development results. Li Qiu Ming explained that the village collectively enjoys the ownership of the industrial poverty alleviation funds, the owner enjoys the right to use, the poor households have the right to increase, which has changed the traditional "blood transfusion" poverty alleviation.

The villager Wang Xiangxun went wrong: "I transfer 3 acres of land to the tea base, and also working on the base, salary and land transfer fee, there is also a dividend, more than 20,000 yuan per year.

"In order to protect the precision of poverty alleviation funds, the Dangdun District Party Branch has also developed" Flow Diagram "for poverty alleviation funds to ensure that poverty alleviation funds are used on the blade.

"Congratulations change people, as long as it adheres to fair transparency, things can be supported for civil events.

"Zhang Xuefang, member of the Changping Village Supervision Committee. The villagers’ pockets drums, the township civilization should also keep up. The party branch of the Changping Village played the head of the party members, and 32 party members in the village walked in front.

The 80-year-old Branch Secretary Peng Yulin first stood up to rectify the home of home courtyard, driving the village to participate in the environmental remediation, and the village of the village.

  In order to rectify the "nothing", the village held the hospital dam meeting, formulated the ban on the ban on the ban on the banquet, etc., solved the people "Zhou Zhou went to the Banquet", and the party branch regularly organized the ten star Civilized households, good people, the most beautiful family, moral models, etc., setting the honorary list and exposure platform, publicity evaluation results and hooks with dividends, and the spiritual look of villagers also has a real "upgrade". In 2020, Changping Village became the first "credit village" in Nanchuan District, and the villagers did not have to mortgage to obtain interest rate discounts.

  Today’s Changping Village, the industry is developed, and the per capita income of the whole village is less than 5,000 yuan in 2014, which has increased to now more than 17,000 yuan, and the Changping Village Party Branch has also been awarded "National Defihood Advance Advanced Collective". " National Advanced Grassroots Party Organization "honorary title. Li Qiu Ming said that the Village Party Branch is working hard to do a good job in lealing the poverty attack, laid a solid foundation for the continued stable income of the village and rural revitalization, so that everyone’s days are sweet than one day.