Traditional village: 道 韵 青林 口 文章 China National Geographic Network

Traditional village: 道 韵 青林 口 文章 China National Geographic Network

Qinglinkou Village, Jiangyou City, Sichuan Province, is called Qinglin Farm. It was built in the end of the Yuan Dynasty. This hostel area away from the dust is carried with the remains of the millennium, and the followering and unique folk culture has been stored in the unique charm and value of the exquisite charm and value. Directory. Qinglinkou Qinglinkou is located in Jiangyou, Jiange, and the three counties of the three counties, the village layout is in the mountains, the smooth flow, reflects the traditional philosophy of "Heaven and Man" and "Wanfa Nature". The origin of the Qinglinkou benefits from a unique human geography and a good ecology. Bashan Yuyuan Wang Ye Mountain, Zigi and Mountain takes a longitudinal situation, forming a steep oral; the source of the Yongjiang, Ma Ge, a high mountain, forming an open estuary; more than the millennium, the Jianyin Road, the Jinniu Road, formed, forming the Ming and Qing Dynasties The famous business port is said to have "buy an unsuccessful Qinglinkou". With the development of the times, the change of waterway traffic, the Yin Ping of the Qinglinkou and the Jinniu Ancient Road have not been in the lobby, and the Shaojiang also exposes the river bed.

Only old Hay Bridge still tell the old downtown mouth Qinglin, Wu Chen Jiaqing years (1808), "Hay bridge rebuilt in mind" ( "Zitong County" Kango) contains: "green forest, East Bao Tong Jian, west Jiang Chang, Yu-step cycling, contacts without a break, too thoroughfare.

"Hay bridge Qinglin mouth is well-deserved cultural landmark, its name Hay who also co-pass roads of Shu, Xiang Zi interests mean. Hay is a three-hole stone arch bridge, long meters wide and meters, meter tall arch bridge there on the gallery, wooden architecture, Shanding, overlying small tiles.

Gallery bridge deck with the level of change, is divided into positive and times, while 5-bay, festival time scales than orderly. April 1935, 9 Red Army, Red Army after 30 Jiange, Taurus along the trail into the mouth Qinglin, where the establishment of Soviet power, red banners Hay bridge vividly. After the troops were ordered westward, under the enemy’s knife, a female Red Army soldiers recovered from his wounds, but also the heroic martyrdom in Hay bridge.

After the founding of New China, Hay Bridge was renamed the Red Bridge, has become an important place for local cadres and masses and revolutionary education of young people.

Hay Bridge (Red Bridge) Hay Quiet Night is the bridge between the Red Army slogan ancient Bashu and the Central Plains, the most influential and busiest cultural and economic lines.

Although there is no mouth Qinglin Quiet Night has a long history, but deeply influenced by roads of Shu culture.

Save Qinglin mouth down the hall temples, mostly early Qing Dynasty "Huguang fill in Sichuan" immigrants built, Ming war, is located in Sichuan, Gansu and Shaanxi roads of Shu hub of mouth Qinglin, was destroyed BingXian.

Qing imperial court have implemented a "trick people back to rivers" and "Migration to Sichuan" policy, Quiet Night twilight, immigrants, young and old, into the mouth Qinglin, resumed production, housing industry fall. Qinglin mouth immigrants from Hubei, Shaanxi, Guangdong, Fujian and other seven provinces, a total of four built clubhouse, preserved only the Guangdong Center, where the exquisite theater called Kawakita a must.

The entire theater Miankuo m, depth meters, covers an area of 225 square meters. Danyan suspended peak, lifted flanking angle, the eaves beam four-post lift, between the bow hold and column carved. There caisson above the stage, painted opera characters, the left TianXianPei right for the White Snake.

Stage bluestone paved surface, both sides of the floor, the music, after the three inner chamber, is set to "out of", "the phase" two.

Gallery close look veranda, railings, decorative carvings are slim to detail, a distance pillars, Diocese, forceful atmosphere, seems to be a mighty force between defeat.

Canton Center Theater Qinglin mouth circulating a forcing up play, the Taiwan Pavilion is the perfect combination of art and art of opera, exchange and integration of art but also the interpretation of the essence of roads of Shu culture. Forcing up the drama, also known as floating color, Taiwan Pavilion, it originated in ancient worship of the fire agency.

Qinglin mouth forcing up the play, an argument is "Hubei and Hunan to Sichuan" immigrants brought from Sichuan, Guangdong, immigrant ancestors "take the high, sing opera," both to integrate into local life, and can chat solution homesickness.

Another argument is that the early Qing Dynasty there was a man called Zhang’s character, while an official in Jiangsu and Zhejiang, the introduction of this traditional art Qinglin mouth, and make improvements, integration with popular entertainment Wenchang Council.

Through the southwest, forcing up the integration of multi-play by the locals especially welcome and loved. Vulcan Qinglin mouth with worship and Wenchang customs and beliefs, the streets on both sides of the western end of the mountain is standing fire temples of the Ming Dynasty, Qing Dynasty Riverside towering Wenchang Pavilion, fire temples and Wenchang Court Guojie Lou between two connected, but different styles to form the overall unity of the street hospital. February started this year, to be held in the mouth Qinglin Vulcan ritual and tradition Wenchang temple, forcing up play is essential.

In the center of the table insert special high-irons, irons set up on a tripod, the 10-12-year-old child standing on a tripod role, with Daoqiangjianji other props and auxiliary craft face, fire-breathing, etc., completed in the road, not without adventure and after another wonderful Sichuan opera performances.

Exalting drama performances in front of the team, often have to clear the way gongs and drums, as well as the shuttle during the fire dragon, Wu Qi sky fireworks, its lively scene, non-general of the temple can be compared. Qinglin mouth exalt play in normal days, life is pretty mouth Qinglin seemed quiet and soothing.

Quiet Night extending along the mouth Qinglin Streets forward, not only affects the economic and cultural life Qinglin mouth, but also the subtle Qinglin people in character and temperament.

Since the Qing Dynasty, this street is less than 1,000 meters, support from Silk, distillery, oil mill, banks, pawnshops, and many old and famous shop, there are more than a dozen pharmacies only.

Locally produced blindly Drynaria Chinese herbal medicines, which is a flat elongated ferns, its astringent taste, have kidney strong bones, blood analgesic effect. Locals call it the "stubborn trick plague", which is tied into the grass group, hanging beneath the eaves, Ran customs form, it is said to have the effect of illnesses and evil.

This grass strong vitality, with eaves drop of water, nutrition shrinking group of grass, often re-issued a new branch, looks lush dense shade or streets to be decorated and a beautiful landscape.

So why call it "stubborn trick plague" mean? Old secretary kingdom gold old man said: "It is a grassroots, not rubbing artificial correction, Xianpinaifu not even left the land, but also dare to day struggle." Is not that what people in Qinglin tenacious and stubborn personality survival continual stream the portrayal of the spirit of it? Groaning war on Quiet Night, temper their will, in 2008, "" Earthquake, cast their backbone.

Whether natural disasters, Qinglin people in tenaciously guard their homes, the ED also our interpretation of what is nostalgia.

Wenchang Pavilion and Guojie Lou Qinglin mouth Streets Quiet Night has passed, spring is strong, attracting numerous tourists to holiday. Fun aside, we should see the Quiet Night is disappearing, traditional villages like Qinglin mouth so less and less.

Quiet Night, Old Station, village, town is linked to a project, you should take the road of integrity protection, this road long way to go.