Red gene land

Red gene land

Original title: Red gene earth Dawang March 8 In the early morning, Zhu Shengli, principal of Shuxiang Primary, led all teachers and students, standing in front of the holly tree, revisiting Chen Shuxiang’s brilliance, hooking hands: "Promote the spirit of Shuxiang, consciously do red gene inheritance …" The sound echoed in the air.

In order to carry forward the spirit of Tree, inherit the red gene, October 1, 2014, the Tao County launched the first phase of the Martyrs Memorial Park, and building a revolutionary martyrs monument.

On August 20, 2015, the revolutionary martyrs were completed, and the Takah, which intended to the Chinese Communist Party Branch Committee October 1926.

The local people recalled, suddenly a small rain suddenly in the morning, and then the sky was anniversary, as if he was thinking of sacrifice in this land.

In 2019, the County Implemented the Second Phase of Martyrs Memorial Park. Migration built Chen Shuxiang Martyrs Tomb, Red 34 Martyrs Tomb, Jiansheng Chen Shuxiang Martyr’s Life Contract Exhibition Room, Red Army Sismation Wall and Red 34 Martyr Famous Wall, etc., to create a red educational base with the theme of "unforgettable, remember mission" Red cultural scenic spots.

The reporter walked into the Martyrs Memorial Park, but he saw the high-tall Tao County revolutionary martyrs monument, and people were in full, and the Chen Shuxiang martyrs tombstone, the Red 34 martyrs cemetery, placed the flowers of all walks of life. The Tao County Martyrs Memorial Park has become an important place for the majority of party members and cadres, the people of all walks of life, and understand the spirit of the long-term spirit. Zhou Xiangzhong, deputy director of the propaganda department of the County County Committee, said that the county is the sacrificial land of Chen Shujiang, but also promotes the spirit of Shu’an, and everyone has inherited the red gene.

Dao County vigorously promoted the spirit of Shuxiang into the classroom, into the organs into the Chinese, enter the village group, enter the company into the room, enter the base entry, enter the silver screen "six into six" activities, and incorporate it into party members The important content of education, all units have cultivated red spiritual declarators. The County County Party Committee, the county government and the community, carrying out the theme activities of "Remembering the Revolutionary Martyrs and Building a Beautiful Road".

On the same day, the children of the Taoist Baby Kindergarten, under the leadership of the teacher, in an orderly, in order to visit Chen Shuxiang Martynthes.

The children have a big eyes and listen carefully.

The person in charge of the kindergarten said: "The children telling the speakers, the children may not understand, but by carrying out red enlightenment education, let their hearts buried red ‘seeds’, they will slow down in the future. Big tree ‘. "The head of the county education department introduced the reporter. At present, the county primary and secondary schools and kindergartens will open red education as an important specialty course, and the" fire "of the red gene is buried in the hearts of children. Let the red gene are passed down. In the county, the spirit of Tree Xiang has become a spiritual pursuit of more and more young people. Many young people will even talk to the red story, inheriting the red gene as their professional pursuit. In the age of 21 this year, Hong Zhuo, who graduated from university last year, through the public recruitment, became a explanatory staff of Chen Shuxiang Martyrs.

The explanation of nearly a year makes her grow up. Put Hong Zhuo told reporters that although she explained every day, she will still be very moving every time Chen Shuxiang Martyrs.

She gradually realized that she is not only a job, but a responsibility and mission that should be borne as a 00: Through her explanation, more and more people, deep understanding Chen Shuxiang’s life pursuit In-depth understanding of the value and significance of Treeham Spirit. Since this year, Dang Hong Zhuo explained more than 10 games every day, and most of the days explained 15 games. After get off work, sometimes it is tired to sit on the chair, but she felt very glorious.

Anxin, 24-year-old this year, graduated from the Northern National University, can sing good dance, but before she chose to come to Chen Shuxiang’s martyrs. Anxin told reporters that during the university, she often served as the host of various activities in the school, learned from Chen Shuxiang’s heroic deeds, deeply moved; after graduation, she was invited to the invitation of several big companies in the city, becoming the showroom guide. In order to treat Chen Shuxiang’s hero’s story, Anxin will find the party history of the party, and constantly enrich and improve every day after get off work every day.

She said, to spread more party history knowledge to everyone. Learn the spirit of Shuxiang, when a good red gene inheritor has become a conscious action of the majority of cadres in Dow County. [Reporter’s Instruction] When a nice red gene passed.