Shanghai will implement the "Sutrarhea" "Script Kill"

Shanghai will implement the "Sutrarhea" "Script Kill"

  Xinhua News Agency, Shanghai, November 17 (Reporter Chen Aiping, Sun Liping) Shanghai Culture and Tourism Bureau recently released the "Shanghai Municipal Script Script Kill Content Record Management Regulations (Draft for Comment)", as of December 8th, broad demobuants Opinion.

This also means that Shanghai will record the "secret room escape" "Script Kill" and other new states. In this paper, the secrets of the secret room refers to one or more of the stories, the agency secret room, the real scene, which provides logic reasoning, interactive or consumer. Cultural business interact with the place of placement in the place. It is understood that there have been more than 1,100 secret room in Shanghai.

This kind of new state is to meet the multi-sample spiritual cultural needs of the people, and promote the development of the cultural industry, there is also the lack of original boutiques, frequent content, severe infringement, and safety hazards. Shanghai introduced relevant management regulations, which aims to further standardize the market and promote industry prosperity and orderly development.

  Due to the comment, the script record should adhere to "bottom management".

The story script, setting the plot, must not violate the basic principles identified by the Constitution, must not harm the national unity, sovereign or territorial integrity, must not harm the national security or harm the national honor, interests, must not harm national feelings, infringement of national customs, and destroy national unity, not Violation of national religious policies, do not instigate crimes, do not disturb social order, may not violate social morality or national excellent cultural traditions, may not infringe the legitimate rights and interests of others.

Do not perform horror, cruel, violence, vulgar performances in work, game mode to devastate staff or consumers, should not use human body defects or to show consumers to show consumers in humans, etc. Wait. The Wenxiao department will also establish and release the "negative list" of the violation of the drama, and provide guidance for operating the main purchase and management scripts.

  At the same time, the filing management is not equal to "hit management", which does not affect the normal operation of the legal compliance of the enterprise.

Distinguishing the opinion request, the secret room of the secret room shall conduct an auto-trial in the operand in the operation, establish a sound content self-trial system; advocate the creative transformation of the private sector, the creation of China’s excellent traditional culture, innovative development, cultivation and Carry forward the core values ??of socialism and enrich the spiritual and cultural life of the people.

  According to the relevant person in charge of the Shanghai Culture and Tourism Bureau, Shanghai will continue to adhere to the principle of supervision of inclusive, and increase the support of excellent content, and resolutely abandon bad cultural products under the premise of market law, equal protection market main body, and resolutely abandon bad cultural products, improve Fine management levels, which will develop space for new technology.

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