The art test is not "promotional shortcut"! Art test ushered in major reform

The art test is not "promotional shortcut"! Art test ushered in major reform

  Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, September 24 (Reporter Hu Hao) reporter learned from the Ministry of Education on the 24th that the Ministry of Education issued a guidance on further strengthening and improving the enrollment of artistic professional examinations in ordinary colleges, and began to promote relevant reforms in 2021 . In recent years, some art majors have an outpatient scale and professional setting and social demand, and some candidates and parental mistakes will be implemented as "promotional shortcuts" and utilitarian applications.

  In response to these issues, the opinions are clear, the clear talents are selected, optimize the layout of art disciplines, and reduce or stop admissions or stop enrollment in the professional layout of the art disciplines. Promote art professional classification exams, enhance the level of provincial examinations and quality, and 2024, basic realization of artistic provincial levels. Strictly control the scope of the school entrance examination and scale, starting from 2024, no longer set up the school entrance examination point. Gradually improve the requirements of cultural scores, reverse some universities of art professional talents selection "heavy professional light culture" tendency.

  Classified examinations in the enrollment of the art test, classified and admission are a highlight of the enrollment reform of this art test.

According to the person in charge of the Ministry of Education, from 2024, the Ministry of Education has been admitted to three types of art majors: the first category is the art majors of professional exams, such as artistism, drama and television literature, etc., directly according to candidates college entrance examination Cultural courses, refer to the comprehensive quality evaluation of candidates, and choose excellent admission.

The second category is an artistic profession that uses the provincial correction scores as a professional examination score. On the basis of the minimum control score of the candidate (district, city) art majors in the candidate college entrance examination, the minimum control score of the category (district, city) art majors, according to candidates The college entrance examination cultural courses and the comprehensive achievements of the provincial-level entrance examination were parallel to the comprehensive scores of the synthesis, and the proportion of college entrance examination cultural courses accounted for not less than 50%.

The third category is a minority art specialty in the college entrance examination of the school, and the minimum control score of the category (district, city) cultural courses have reached the provincial (district, city) general class, and the provincial unique test results are qualified and the minimum decided by the school. On the basis of the results requirements, the candidates should be admitted to the candidates.