Remove the new work style from "fingertips" (people comment)

Remove the new work style from "fingertips" (people comment)

Solving formalism issues, the key is to let the form path, the method method is to solve the actual problem of the masses, and the quality of the WeChat work group has been compressed after the number of WeChat work groups, and the quality of the WeChat work group has been compressed after the grassroots investigation.

There are many group members, group information is puzzled, and the group is easy to disband it … this problem reminds us that only quality and raise the efficiency of WeChat work group, in order to better break "the formism on the fingertips".

Currently, the information technology revolutionary day is different, and the digital office has spread into the grassroots work.

In this situation, the change is also required to focus "fingertips" "vertical screen" "group", strengthen the rectification of "Formism on the fingertips". Since 2019, a solution of formalism has been launched, and since the grassroots reduction work, many places have incorporated the workstation into the scope of remediation. The dissolution of the dispersion, the merger of the merge, the information whose combination is not related to the work, no longer requires removal, resolutely resist the "zero" of the working group to show off the performance, and the work group rectification has been actively achieved, alleviated The burden of the grassroots cadres. Solving formalism must be persistent, long time is success.

To continue to strengthen the effectiveness of the grassroots reduction, the group management, release content, new work style, and continuously improve the work of the work group.

The formalistic appearance is that the flower fist embroidered legs, and the hazard is to get out of the actual, away from practice.

Solving formalism issues, the key is to let the form path and method methods to solve the actual problem of the masses, and serve the effective service. Renovation "Formism on the Heart", not only pays attention to the control of the number of work groups, but also to grasp the quality of quality, establish a strict working group content specification. Whether it is deploying or mastering the progress, whether it is a placement task or supervision and implementation, it should take the truth, trick, do practical things, solve the problem, bring practical benefits to the masses. From practice, use the solid consideration, to speak with performance, to promote the work group more ordered and efficient, maximize the digital office advantage. Establish a work group, the original intention is to use information technology, so that communication is more convenient, making the work more efficient. In this way, the number of work groups should not have rigid requirements, but to see actual needs. What kind of work is needed to build a group, what is the need to enter the group to pull a group, and the work group should be based on seeking truth, doing a good job as a basis.

The deep level said that the work group is just a platform and tool, some groups seem to have fun, high efficiency, essentially a reflection and extension of formalism on the network. Is there any randomness to formulate a notice? Will it be repeated? Does the work task arrange to have a desert? Is it the investigation of the material in the working group equation? Remediation "The formism on the fingertips" cannot stay in "fingertips", but also start from the root source, from the line to improve the work style.

Each level, the various departments are more pragmatic, more focus on efficiency, and the quality of the work group can be improved. In recent years, the number of work groups in recent years will now improve the quality of the working group, reflecting the problem of formalism, and is deepening for the redundant work of grassroots.

After a period of efforts, the grassroots work conference is less, the document is less, the examination is less; the cadres are more, the people are more, the business is more powerful. Coordinate the formalism in the online line, and further put the grassroots reduction work to the grassroots reduction work, the grassroots cadres have tried to be as good as the "14th Five-Year Plan", and provide a strong style guarantee.

Originally published in "People’s Daily" (10th edition, April 21, 2021) (Editor: Wu Feng, Chen Kangqing).