Record special moments Changping sealing community to start "cultural exhibition"

Record special moments Changping sealing community to start "cultural exhibition"

Original title: Record special time to start the "Cultural Exhibition" in the "Cultural Exhibition" (Reporter Sun Yunke) Epidemic, the community is closed, home is isolated, but you can’t eliminate everyone’s active mentality and the determination of the epidemic situation. Changping District Longzeyuan Street Longyueyuan Third District invited everyone to record special moments, less than 3 days, the community has received more than 20 years of experience, full of excellent literary arts, showing Everyone is always difficult and determined.

  Chen Jing, who lived in Long Yueyuan, the grandfather’s calligraphy.

Father Chen Guangxi is one of the main drafters of the "first batch of Chinese characters". At this time, this time they participated in the collection of community cultural works, Chen Jing created the painting "Door of the Heart". She said, "When I was in the epidemic, I saw a 2-year-old little boy on the Internet, I was deeply moved to the nurse’s photo when I was discharged, and I was very moving, I inspired my creation.

This work is best to reflect everyone’s admiration for medical staff, so I will give the work to the neighborhood committee to show in the community public account, I hope everyone will work together to defeat the epidemic.

"" The police reported the epidemic in neighboring streets, and the pre-plan will be three more. Four-door blockade is good policy, and the family is home to peace.

Why do you want to swieve?

Gao Yang party people gathered, and finally won the crown.

"On the 29th District of Longyueyuan District, the old party member Liu Daolong created" Long Yueyuan Three District, "His granddaughter Liu Yusi handed over the poetry to the community, and the word in the line revealed a family to community staff. Thanks, expressing the confidence of the two people who have achieved the success of the anti-hypophysis.

  "In this special period, our community enrichs the cultural life of residents through literary creation activities. We will continue to selection of good works to everyone, let everyone keep a good attitude until the moment of universal universities." Zhao Xiang, secretary of the party committee of Yuan San District, said that after the online collection, painting, photography, prose, poetry and other works will be displayed in the public account of Long Yueyuan, the public number, Beijing Changping New Times Civilization Practice Center.

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