Shenzhen Art Museum New Hall, Shenzhen Second Library will be built in 2023

Shenzhen Art Museum New Hall, Shenzhen Second Library will be built in 2023

Original title: "Two Pavilion" Reengine City Cultural Space September 24th, the "Quality Month" site of the National Housing and Urban-Rural Construction System in 2021 will be in the new hall of Shenzhen Art Museum, Shenzhen Second Library (under the "two halls") The project site kicked off.

The reporter learned that as one of the "New Times Ten Cultural Facilities" in Shenzhen, the "two halls" plans to be completed in 2023, but will not only become a new carrier of public cultural art activities, but also to show art to the world to the world. platform. The "Two Museum" project is located in the Shenzhen North Station Business Center, which is a building group consisting of an art galler, a library and a public square between the two. Among them, there are 10,000 square meters of the new museum, set the Tibetan library, all kinds of exhibition halls, report halls, event space and supporting ribbon; second library building area 10,000 square meters, set library transfers, all kinds of comprehensive reading areas, Exhibition hall, report hall and internal supporting ribbon.

  What are the design highlights of "two pavilions", built? According to the relevant person in charge of the Shenzhen Architectural Work Department, the project reads Qi International first-class level in design and construction, providing open urban exchange living room and intelligence experience, creating urban cultural display space, further enhancing Shenzhen culture and artistic positions.

  In the space order, the art galler and the library are distributed in the east and west side of the land; in the architectural form, the building size is positive, and the overall form is mutually engaged, and the local fa?ade is slightly changed to abstract The integration of cultural symbols and architectural characteristics of cultural and art; on open space, the building is open, allowing arts and books into the public, allowing public buildings and urban space to create freedom, inclusive, and active city spirit.

  "Two Museum" is more advanced in addition to the innovation in the shape. The New Museum New Museum focuses on the shared platform square, which will pass the multi-level platform design, let the buildings of the square space and indoor spaces, in the unique 25-meter-high awning, is the Outdoor Sculpture Square of the Art Museum The second library will have the first underground intelligent three-dimensional book library in China. The library will automate access books in the library, and the high-density storage and efficient utilization of books are realized, which is convenient for readers, and there is a large sorting system. Realize book high-speed sorting and precision distribution, with intelligent three-dimensional book library, will play the second library literature logistics hub, promote the flow of the whole city, and improve the timeliness of literature services. It is understood that in addition to the traditional on-site paper borrowing and reading, the Second Library also provides book pre-service, as long as it is tightly mouse, you can visit the library book, determine the borrow, directly to the home or to the home Self-service library is reviewed. At the same time, the Second Library will conduct unified planning of computer network facilities, information equipment, library business systems and professional management systems in the museum, will also build a network of "City of Library" Data Center, Literature Logistics Center, Joint Adaption and Bibliological Control Center and Digital Resource Center, further enhance the service capability of Shenzhen City Library. (Reporter Zhang Cheng) (Editor: Chen Yizhu, Li Lang) Sharing let more people see.