Take the "Discovery Xinjiang" development of Xinjiang can respect and respectful China

Take the "Discovery Xinjiang" development of Xinjiang can respect and respectful China

"Discovery Xinjiang", the heart of the road, as a member of the Net Net Letter, contributes yourself for youth for more than a thousand days and night; The teacher has helped the power to continue to tell the "Xinjiang Story" "Xinjiang Love" in his heart.

In the three years, people were surprised to find that the busy new works, Teacher Di also "secretly" wrote "discovery Xinjiang" – this condensed his Xinjiang, the heart of Xinjiang, through "discovered Xinjiang "The editorial publishing continues to save the strength for Xinjiang. In our young people, Teacher Di has a total of energy, a warmth, I think this is from his Xinjiang feelings and honesty to do things for people.

I didn’t think, how many of his unbeateable day and night, put what I thought in the pen tip, as a spiritual power, didn’t wait for me, only the courage to win the good contribution to the work of the work. On November 21, last year, "Discovery Xinjiang" was officially released in Beijing. The first printed 5,000 books quickly warned. At each time, "discovered Xinjiang", in Beijing, Xinjiang, the two places, the readers, the readers, the readers were first popular. As a member of the "Dharma Westward" media group, as a "discovered Xinjiang" preparatory committee, I witnessed everyone to understand Xinjiang, and witnessed the reader’s praise for "discovery Xinjiang". More witnessed the author Dido’s cardiology and efforts to this.

In "From a book, Xinjiang is" discovered Xinjiang "Reading China", I used Xinjiang "heavy", Xinjiang "beauty" and Xinjiang "new" recommended "discovery Xinjiang", trying to use more condensed The text tells Xinjiang, but today, I have found that Xinjiang is unable to describe it. "Discover Xinjiang" left to us too much think and imagination.

Teacher Di said in the "discovery of Xinjiang" self-sequencing, "Damei Xinjiang" and "Xinjiang is a good place" is in recent years in the labeling cognition of Xinjiang.

When people walk into the doors and windows into Xinjiang, the great river will rise to a deeper impression.

Teacher Di tells us with a thousand day and night, tells us: go to Xinjiang, go to experience, think. "Discovery Xinjiang" makes people see how deeper beautiful "" sublimated a deeper impression "? As teacher of Di Di said in "Daren": "I don’t want to simply simply add beauty, I hope to pass the growing harmony and stability of Xinjiang outside the country." The facts prove that people pass "Daren Journey" I saw more changes and development achievements behind Xinjiang "Big" "Beauty".

The "Daren Westward Journey" network theme communication activities launched in the summer of 2018, providing people with a fresh case in Xinjiang, as the main planner of this large activity, Dorahua teacher "discovered this" revealing this " Phenomenon "" The cause of the network communication activity. Now "Daren Journey" has continued to the tenth season, and the total spread of total network is far more than 10 billion.

This year, in the process of editing the "discovery of Xinjiang" readers with Didos, I have a deep feeling of people who have maintained a true emotion of Xinjiang, "Discover Xinjiang" is a small spark, just Emotionally identified flames in some people.

I think this emotional identity is not only the impact of "discovery Xinjiang" itself, but also the impact of the picture records, but also their sense of identity and close sense of the Chinese nation.

"Many people can feel the changes in these years in Xinjiang, which is the most harvest season of material civilization and spiritual civilization.

"Discovery Xinjiang" shows people in Xinjiang in development, a distinguished China. In this year, we have experienced all kinds of dirty behaviors of Xinjiang in Western countries, and experience new crown pneumonia epidemic to Xinjiang economy The layer test brought about by social development, and also experienced the enthusiasm of the society to Xinjiang’s enthusiasm and strong. Xinjiang is around the truth and lie, and what is the real Xinjiang? People are eager to know Xinjiang. " Discovery Xinjiang "through a deep experience, all-round three-dimensionalization presents Xinjiang’s true appearance, telling people a real and comprehensive three-dimensional image. Let people know the deep beauty of Xinjiang in reading, share and think, know Xinjiang’s weight Understand the value and strategic status of Xinjiang, not to talk to the way, distort the facts, black, Xinjiang. People are not difficult to find that this is Xinjiang, this is China! "Discovery Xinjiang" provides a way to know Xinjiang.

Behind the "Discovery Xinjiang" is a group of fresh people to find Xinjiang, find stories; find life and find true feelings. Behind the "Discovery Xinjiang" is actually a group of fresh people.

They are more than 220 national well-known network people and central and autonomous region media reporters participating in the "Journey to the West"; they are organizers and afforders participating in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region; they are people in one work in people. They are thousands of readers and communicators ~ "Discover Xinjiang" readers have an annual retirement cadre, have academic big coffee in the five cars, and the youths on the road, they are from the north of Heaven, they At the time, I saw the most words of "Love" and "Warm", "Discovery Xinjiang" will always trigger their emotional resonance.

China’s petroleum Lanzhou Petrochemical Company Yinting Literature Society is "discovered Xinjiang" faithful readers. "I have been to Xinjiang 4 times, but after I have seen this book, I know that I know my knowledge of Xinjiang, too grass, so I decide to go to Xinjiang in Xinjiang.

"Liu Wei feels in the success of my west after reading".

Yinting Literature Society, 77-year-old Houli is Dido China for more than 30 years, in the word "a group of fire and a book" in the word "discovery Xinjiang" and the author praised and loved: "I don’t want you to say, I have repeatedly there have been the impulse of Xinjiang! However, I am already a late 80-year-old old wife, my wife is still a big age than me … I can only" find Xinjiang "Place the pillow, read the enjoyment at any time." Liu Boya, a graduate student of Hebei University News Communication College is also a helper cadre. When she harvested "discovered Xinjiang", she couldn’t help but feel the emotion: We should let more people hear from this The sound sent on the land, so that more people see a "born", there is a courage, and have the courage.

A true feelings of the temperature, a truthful text comment on a paragraph, has no unfoldly constituated "discovery Xinjiang", redefined and re-recognizes. Teacher Dorahua said that I am confident that I am going to "read Xinjiang" in the future. Although he reads a "Dr. Border School" since his words, he has an unlimited cognition for Xinjiang.

I have also had a deep experience: "Discover Xinjiang" more like a proposition, record the era, record changes, counter-acts, and refracting out. Taking back, behind the "discovery Xinjiang" is a fresh person, people constitute and define all the life, and when the personal destiny is connected to the country, "discovery Xinjiang" refraction is the author, it is us.

At present, Xinjiang promotes the construction of the core area of ??the Silk Road, the construction of the core area has become an important channel for the exchange of countries along the "all the way". It is an important part of China to the west and the development of all-round opening. I think each individual will become the source of power of this important ring. This year, some people ended their jobs and returned to the original position; some people gave up their current work and went to better future. On the occasion of "discovery Xinjiang", the "Daren Journey" experience, "Discovery Xinjiang" editor, the identity of the communicationman of "Damei Xinjiang" is once again honored to "discover Xinjiang" .

At the same time, I think "discovers Xinjiang" record or witness these wonderful moments will be due to the "discovery of Xinjiang".