Resort + summer ecology is a good tourism

Resort + summer ecology is a good tourism

(Reporter Xiamin) On September 4th, in the archaping resort in the archway park in Yangjiawan Town, Qixingguan District, Bijie City, the high temperature of the summer has not completely subsided, but the forest blows The cool breeze is a bit cool. Drinking the tail of the summer, tourists from different provinces and cities are strolling in the resort and experience the cool cool. "Hey! Our climate is really not ‘It’s, the weather in September, it is necessary to wear two pieces of clothes in the park, otherwise I feel a bit cold.

"In the Arched House, Mr. Nie from Bijie, organized more than 30 comrades from Guangxi, Henan, Sichuan, Chongqing, etc. , One word, praise! "Mr. Li, who came from Guangxi, excitedly, even if there is no comrades in the comrades next year, I also have to bring my family to Guizhou to save the summer. According to the introduction, the arching resort is built in 2016, covering an area of ??more than 80 mu, There are 60 rooms, 15 of which can receive more than 500 visitors at the same time.

"In the resort, we not only build a farmhouse, but also set up a secondary comprehensive hospital, 1 health center.

Yang Wei, the head of the arch, said, because the infrastructure is complete, the service awareness, 2018, the Ziping Resort won the only 5-star farmhouse in the Qixingguan District of Bijie City, and received the provincial forest industry in 2019 The title of the Forest Kangao Base issued by the Bureau.

"The 5-star farmhouse is not only the affirmation of us, and it is also supervised by us.

In order to improve the service awareness of the Village Waiter, we will change more than 20 waiters to basic wages + performance, the better the resort efficiency, the higher the waiter’s salary. Yang Wei said.

"At first, we are definitely unwilling, think that Yang Bo is not wanting to get more wages to us. Trial for a month, we found that the salary is nearly a thousand yuan higher than the original, and there is more powerful.

"Working for 3 years in the resort, Zhou Li Xiang smiled.

It is reported that, as of now, the Qixinguan District has built 6 star farmhouse, one of which five-star; 2 four-star; 3 three-star level. Since this year, more than 30,000 tourists have been received.

"Seven Starguan natural endowment is highlighted, the cultural heritage is deep, and the infrastructure has gradually followed.

Next, we will focus on airports, high-speed rail, highways, red tourism, ecological integrity, tourism, etc. Driven by rural energy, rural tourism forms industrialization, help rural development, and improve the income of villagers.

"Director of the Party Group, Director, Director, Director, Director, Director, Director, Director, said. (Editor: Gu Lanyun, Chen Kangqing).