Saihanba: Green Dam, Red Highlands

Saihanba: Green Dam, Red Highlands

Today, the first generation of entrepreneurs in Saihanba have come to the next year, they use ideals and beliefs, with "green monument", "Sahanba spirit", which is condensed, also spread across time and space. In 1973, the second generation entrepreneur on the dam said that he chooses forestry, it is to choose dedication, and his two sons are now in the forest farm, engaged in forestry forest staff and construction workers. In 1980, Yu Shitao was a Baoding, Hebei, and a university had just graduated from Saihanba. "Dry forestry is obscured, because you do something, you can see the results after 40 years.

"He said, we will keep the seniors’ relay rods continue to work forward. In 2008, Liu Jun and his wife Wang Juan came to the moon mountain" Wanghai Building "" Wanghai Building "at the middle of the forest.

In that year, "Wanghai Tower" does not turn through water and electric heating, and the Snow Seal Hill has no obedients half a year. Every time I go to an important fire, Liu Jun couple will watch the fire of 20 kilometers of Linhai in the jurisdiction every 15 minutes.

"Treat each tree like you have a child," is the working attitude of the couple.

Entrepreneurship is difficult, and it is harder.

This green is not easy, guarding this green is not easy.

Little Mars, a moment, can make this forest sea to be destroyed once. Chang Chen Zhiqing, Sahanba Linfang, introduced that in order to ensure the safety of forest resources, the forest fire prevention warning monitoring system has established a "sky land" integrated forest fire prevention warning monitor system, realizing satellite, drone, exploration radar, video surveillance, mountain look, ground patrol Episodes, quick response. Sai Hanba Linfang Party Committee Secretary An Changming said that in 59, a generation of Sahama people came from the summons of the party, creating a green miracle of desert village with heart, sweat and life, vividly interpreting the "revolutionary ideal than the sky" Stateless beliefs, as well as the mission of loyalty to the party and the people.

According to the Assessment of the China Forestry Council, Saihanba Million-acre Linhai built a strong green barrier, which effectively blocked the South of Hunshada Sand, which has been cultivated in the Weihe River, the lower reaches of the Liaohe River, purifying the fresh and water. Mi, preventing the soil loss of 10,000 tons; 10,000 tons of carbon dioxide can be fixed each year, and the oxygen tons are released. Saihanba has a good ecological environment and rich species resources, making it precious, natural species gene library, 261 species of land, 32 species of fish, 660 insects, 179 large fungi, plant 625 kind.

Saihanba has also become "an example of ecological civilization construction", vividly interpretation "Green Water Qingshan is Jinshan Yinshan", which is awarded the "Earth Guardian Award" by the United Nations Environment Program.

Walking the road of green development, work in contemporary, benefiting in the Qianqiu, is a great project for the future generations. The road to Saihanba is the path of sowing green, defending the road of green, green development.

Today, Saihanba is known as "the world of flowers, the source of the ocean, the source of water, the hometown of clouds".

In the past few hundred years, Saihanba has changed from green to the green, and then it has evolved from the sea of ??Shatheng Green. "We will take the new era of Saihanba new Long Zun Road to fully carry out secondary entrepreneurship. By 2030, the forest land area will reach 1.2 million mu, the forest coverage will increase to 86%, and the forest ecosystem is more stable and healthy. , High quality, efficient, ecological service functions further enhanced.

Chen Zhiqing said.