Relieve new citizens, young people’s housing difficulties, Hangzhou will build 330,000 sets of affordable rental housing

Relieve new citizens, young people’s housing difficulties, Hangzhou will build 330,000 sets of affordable rental housing

Hangzhou City is equipped with public rental housing (悦 湾). Hangzhou Housing Security and Real Estate Administration is known, "Implementation Plan" further refines the land policy, further clarifying the project identification mechanism, further clarifying the construction of a rapid approval of the green channel.

"Implementation Plan" pointed out that Hangzhou will increase policy support for "land support, project identification, rapid approval". "Require relevant relevant departments to optimize the approval process, improve the project approval efficiency, and redeemed all kinds of policy funds in time, reduce relevant taxes and fees. Project construction subjects with affordable rental housing projects, online processing, land, planning, environmental protection, construction, Approval procedures such as fire protection.

"Zhu Yuda said," Implementation Plan "further clarifies other support policies to meet the provisions of affordable rental housing construction projects, actively striving for various subsidies of central, provincial, municipal, and district fiscal funds, implementing civilian water electrical , Financial credit, tax concessions and other support policies. "In addition," Implementation Plan "also stipulates the management requirements of affordable rental housing access, construction, rent, and weight, etc., and clearly monitored evaluations in the same relevant departments with relevant departments in Hangzhou. Safeguarding housing work provides mechanism guarantee. "Anju can be happy.

Hangzhou City, the residential department will continue to solve the urban security system in the housing security system that solves the housing of the big urban housing. Housing, income double-sleep household housing problem, to mitigate the housing difficulties of new citizens and young people with affordable rental housing, with a total of property rights to ensure the demand for the ‘sandwich layer’, with self-owned housing, and promote multi-main supply, Multi-channel guarantees, rental.

"Han Junqing said.

It is understood that, in the next step, Hangzhou will continue to force the public rental housing security, accelerate the development of affordable rental housing, and implement a total of property rights to ensure the housing system, and do a good job in housing security, enhance the masses " Having residential "gains, to create the city example accurate empowerment in the common prosperity demonstration zone. (Fang Peng Yumi) (Editor: Fan Xiaolin, Li Vang) Sharing let more people see.