Shandong Rongcheng: Diagnosis is lazy "big data" into a "medicine"

Shandong Rongcheng: Diagnosis is lazy "big data" into a "medicine"

Original title: Shandong Rongcheng: Diagnosis 慵 Lazy "big data" into a "pharmacy" Chinese medicine prescription drug introduction is an additional medicinal flavor, can regulate the drug, and enhance the efficacy.

In Shandong Province, Rongcheng City, the "Big Data" became the "pharmaceutical tree" of the grassroots cadres and lazy politician, "dictators", and promoted the "two learning to do" normalization.

Sun Maocha is a deputy secretary of the party committee of Tengjia Town, Rongcheng City. Although there have been more than 20 years of grassroots work experience, it is still not a thing for Sun Maochao.

In the main environment of strict governance of the party, some people still have some people in the morning, "in the morning, playing computer, waiting for get off work", a blend of days. "One of the reasons for cadre, less than the reason is insufficient, and is not willing.

"The relevant person in charge of the Organization Department of the Municipal Party Committee said that Rongcheng City has created an innovation and breakthrough from the institutional mechanism, launched a grassroots cadre assessment system. The city incorporate all the organs into the assessment system, and the annual assessment is a real-time assessment, and the assessment results and cadres have been promoted. The salary revenue hooks, and the province is the first to establish "refined management, precision assessment, information scheduling", standardized management evaluation model.

The cadre assessment system can be summarized as "4 + 2": "4" refers to the management, democratic appraisal, center work, business work, "2" refers to risk management, innovation and inspire 2 additional items, full of 100 points.

In terms of organ management assessment, Rongcheng has specially developed the organizational management cloud platform APP software to assess the daily management of organs at the cadres of cadres.

"The sign-in sign-in sign in the upper and off work is not only accurate to second, but also the map positioning, it is almost retreat late.

When the sign-in, the positioning is not in the working unit, and you want to explain the orientation. Write up the upload work log on the platform every day. Yan Changqing, deputy director of Rongcheng City Construction Bureau, said.

Democratic appraisal assessment, from the original annual estate to the monthly estival, the organs use mobile platforms to review each other, excellent proportion is strict, and the evaluation results are calculated into percent system, and they are included in the assessment fraction of the month. 6 items were added, that is, the monthly score of each organ cadre, the ranking of the first month from the first place to the last one published in the cloud platform, and announced in the public column or big screen to the public, each mass Can see the assessment results.

Real-time assessment, monthly points, annual rankings, new assessment methods have accumulated "big data" for Rongcheng cadres.

This year, Rongcheng will hook the results of the assessment results with the performance salary of the institutions, and completely change the situation of "dry multiple stems". After the annual assessment is rely, it will not be an assessment of the appointment; the cadres want to progress, and must have nothing to do, and the ranking can be promoted before.

Deng Yingjie and Wang Xiaoyun, who were working in Lushan Street, Rongcheng City, were promoted to the deputy cadres in recent years. The two comrades are precisely the first two of the annual assessment.

"Assessment ‘big data" provides an important reference for selecting appointment cadres.

"The person in charge of the Municipal Party Committee said," The ‘grassroots cadre management assessment system’ puts the original qualitative analysis into qualitative, quantitative analysis combined, and the results supervision is the process supervision, truly establish a normalization mechanism for cadres assessment.

"At present, the implementation of the grassroots cadre management assessment system has a big role in governance, lazy problems, so that the ‘dry’ word spirit is rooted in ‘two studies.

"The relevant person in charge of the organization department of the Municipal Party Committee said. (Xinhua News Agency Jinan September 7 Electric Reporter Wang Yang) (Editor: Cheng Hongyi, Yang Lina).