Summary of the Fourth Session: Japan SMEs Visit the Expo Platform

Summary of the Fourth Session: Japan SMEs Visit the Expo Platform

Original title: Summary of the fourth session: Japanese SMEs value into the Expo platform Xinhua News Agency Tokyo November 4 (Reporter Jiang Qi Mei) Japan Trade Revitalization Agency is committed to promoting trade and investment in the economic industry province Official agency.

At the first in 2018, the agency convened approximately 260 companies and group group groups that were dominated by SMEs. This year is the Japanese trade revitalization agency to participate in the Fair in the fourth consecutive year.

The agency said that the Expo is China’s largest import commodity exhibition, so far, many Japanese exhibitors have successfully signed a contract at the Expo, and harvested many dealers and agents. Into the Expo attracted many buyers to provide a valuable negotiation platform for international cooperation. It is the most effective exhibition of Japanese enterprises to promote precious business opportunities for exhibitors.

According to Japanese trade revitalization agencies, they also pay attention to companies with novel products in addition to enterprises, and pay attention to companies with novel products, and to protect Japanese companies more attractive.

Japanese trade revitalization institutions have concentrated in three major areas, including medical equipment and medical care, petrosystems and food and clothing and daily consumer goods. In the field of medical equipment and medical care, 39 Japanese companies are optimistic about China’s "Yinfa Business Machines", mainly introduce Japanese health, medical, nursing products and services, of which 20 are the first exhibitors, and 19 participation have been exhibited many times.

According to many Japanese companies, the Expo is very good in China’s attention, and it is helpful for the development of China’s market sales and expanding business in China. Agricultural and water products and food areas are 1300 square meters, a total of 89 Japanese companies and groups.

Among them, the design style of the food booth and the "food hall" of the adjacent "Japanese Off-border Experience Hall", using the elements such as Wanglou, curtains, lanterns, and create Japanese-style space to attract buyers.

Under the new crown epidemic, the use of digital technology to carry out business into a real needs. Japanese Trade Revitalization Agency adopts new commodity display methods in this session, adding digital technology elements, integrated into electronic marketing models in the food exhibition area and consumer exhibition area, people feel satisfied after taste, experience the goods, only need to sweep The two-dimensional code next to you can open the cross-border e-commerce page and purchase the heartr exhibit online.

In addition, this session of the Expo participation in Japanese companies will participate in online, and digital technology allows these companies to negotiate business with the buyers next to the booth.

Cross-border e-commerce is the core business of Japanese trade revitalities recently expanded.

Last year, Japanese companies registered in Japanese Trade Revitalization Agency have increased from 1481 in the previous year to 2354. The "Japanese official cross-border experience hall" hooks in this year’s entrance and e-commerce is exhibited by 1000 square meters, which is more than 170% among last year. It is expected to more than 1,000 exhibitors.

The experience hall is divided into two major blocks "Food Museum" and "Lifestyle Museum", will continue to use online and digital technology this year, invite well-known network red live broadcast, implement the online line. The Japanese trade revitalization agency also stated that it benefited from the "6 + 365" policy support, after the end of the Expo, the agency will open a 1000 square meter booth in Shanghai Hongqiao, and the exhibition will enter the exhibition goods in the past year. Help Japanese companies continue to open up in the Chinese market. The new crown epidemic gives an impact on the sale and profit of Japanese enterprises, including SMEs, and some Japanese companies want to expand their exports to China.

Japanese Trade Revitalization Agency has shown that the results of Japanese Enterprise Overseas Business Development Questionnaires have been shown that there are more than Japanese companies that are intentionally expanded to expand exports, of which% of the Japanese enterprises choose China as exports; in addition, cross The sales destination of the agency sales is China’s accounting for China, which shows that cross-border e-commerce demand for China’s export is high. China is the largest trading partner in Japan, export market and imported source, 2020 Sino-Japanese economic and trade cooperation growth in the epidemic, bilateral trade reached US $ 31.75 billion. Some people believe that the entrance will become an important platform to help Japan’s SMEs to enter the Chinese market, bringing dawn for the economic recovery of the era of era after Japan.

(Editor: Xu Wenjin, Chen Jianjun).