Sword refers to the "champion quote" to the handover to optimize the relevant rules of the Boardo board

Sword refers to the "champion quote" to the handover to optimize the relevant rules of the Boardo board

Xinhua News Agency, Shanghai August 21 (Reporter Pan Qing) Baochuang Board for more than two years, the total number of new shares issued, but also some online investors were Bo into the "group quotation", interfere with new stock order Waiting for new problems.

The Shanghai Stock Exchange has recently announced the optimization of relevant rules to better play the function of the proposal mechanism for the marketing system.

On the 20th of the COSCO, under the guidance of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, it intends to revise the "Shanghai Stock Exchange", "Shanghai Stock Exchange", "Shanghai Stock Exchange, Boarding, stock issuance and underwriting business guidance", From September 5, it is disclosed to the market.

The relevant person in charge of the Sitress said that according to the principle of marketization, the rule of law, the fairness and efficiency of the new shares issued under the registration system, the Submit intended to adjust the pricing mechanism of some categories of some categories, and participate in the online inquiry for investors. The offer creating favorable conditions, promoting the balance of the game balance between buyers and sellers, and strengthen the supervision of the issuance of the issuance of the issuance process, and further forms a good ecology of the new sharan distribution market. This move will better exert the market-based distribution mechanism functions, improve the effectiveness of capital market service entities under the registration system. The main contents of this rule include: Adjusting the highest quotation rejection ratio, is adjusted from "no less than 10%" to "no more than 3%"; cancel the demand for new shares distribution and purchase arrangements, investment risk special announcement, clear preliminary After the inquiry is over, the approvence price exceeds the online investor quotation average, only need to release a special announcement of investment risk before the purchase, no need to take delayed purchase arrangements; strengthen the supervision of the quotation behavior, further clarify the online investor participation The normative requirements for the new stock inquiry quotation, and the possible violation scenarios will be included in the scope of self-discipline supervision.

If the issuance of illegal violations during the issuance of underwriting business or inquiry quotation, the CONIL will report the relevant clues to investigate and deal with the China Securities Regulatory Commission, suspected of constituting crimes, and the judicial organs shall investigate criminal responsibility according to law. According to the conversation, the implementation of the proposal stock issuance underwriting business rules will be revised in a timely manner on the basis of collecting assessments and absorption related feedback. Next, the Submit will continue to do a good job in the supervision of the Bank of China, promote the balance of game balance, improve the issuance efficiency, and better implement the listing financing function of the curative board and the high quality of service entity.

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