Tell the ice and snow story to everyone (going to Winter Olympics)

Tell the ice and snow story to everyone (going to Winter Olympics)

  Member of Beijing Winter Olympics, former skiing athletes Guo Dandan, in Beijing Shijingshan District "Charm Winter Olympics" event, handheld gold medal telling your own winter story.Li Wenming (image China) "Mr. Zhang Bo is known as the pioneer of China’s modern Olympic movement? What contributions to Tianjin and Nankai University?" From your own Olympic story, the origin of Olympic and audience schools, Beijing Winter OlympicsThe wonderful sharing of Hou Hao, a member of the propaganda group, so that the audience heard the taste of Jinjin.

  Recently, Beijing Winter Olympic Xuan Legion walked into the second quarter of the series of colleges and universities in the second quarter of Nankai University and Hebei University successfully concluded. Since the establishment of 2017, the propaganda group has completed more than 360 live preaching and short video, all-in-one, multi-angle sharing Winter Olympics, popularizing Winter Olympics, spreading the Olympic culture, causing people to pay attention, igniting hundreds of millions of people Wintero enthusiasm.

  Every paragraph is in the spread of Olympic culture.

Sliding, vacating, split, steadily landing, when the score is displayed, the surrounding foreign athletes are flocked to the face, congratulations on the championship! "At the China University of Geosciences (Beijing) Report, Guo Dandan, a member of the propaganda group, held a gold medal, telling yourself to take the first world champion in China’s ski history. Join the propaganda group for more than two years, Guo Dandan will come to participate in the group Preach.

The speech has been back, only for every talk, it can present a perfect effect, the audience’s warm applause and positive interactions have given her constant movement.

  Under the influence of Guo Dandan, her daughter Zhang Yangzi has also skiing from Xiao, now 16 years old, she is a member of a propaganda group. Whether it is the line to share the "Winter Olympics" on the personal social media platform Topics, promoting ice and snow sports have become her most passionate.

  In 2018, Zhang Yang Guangzi entered the Beijing Ski Team, mainly attacking a single-board ski slope barrier.

This is a tip of skills and difficulty, and the wrestling bumps are inevitable. Inheriting the mother’s body, Zhang Yangmuo did not retreat. She hoped that she took the coup of Ice and Snow and Snow, "the game is contributed to the promotion of ice and snow, and I have to fight for more honors."

  After Guo Dandan left the game, Guo Dandan was introduced to the ice and snow, and opened the ski school to promote the ice and snow movement into the campus, enter the community activities. In the propaganda group, there is more than one retired athlete like her, "300 million people participate in the ice and snow movement" becomes their new mission.

  Each time listening, let the dream clearer head of Media and Communications Department at Beijing Comprehensive winter Olympic Organizing Committee, said Xu Yanli, Beijing Winter Olympics propaganda teams in the early formation of only seven members, now has grown to 50 teams. Members are selected from thousands of Winter Olympics, and participants are selected. By telling the touching story of the people, introducing the progress of the Beijing Winter Olympics, spreading the Olympic knowledge, igniting people, especially young people, participate in the ice and snow sports The enthusiasm.

  Nagqu County in Bangor Tibet at an altitude of over 4000 meters, the Olympic torch into the propaganda teams with Tibet Elementary School. Members of the propaganda group, the Paralympics Champion Liu Yukun shared her inspirational story and Olympic life, and inspired everyone to bravely face the challenges in life with optimism. After listening to lectures, a pupil said excitedly: "This is the first time I saw the torch, the Olympic champion first heard preach, I want to be like them the same glory for the country." Hou Kun long-term commitment to the Olympic cultural promotion , who visited the world with 8 years hosted the winter and summer Olympic Games Youth Olympic city and explore the Olympic cultural imprint. The news around the world made him gradually experienced that sports had the power of changing life.

Therefore, he participated in the early stage of the 2016 Propagander Preparation, sharing sports to promote a positive role of promoting a better life and promoting social development. He said, hoping to let people see another charm outside the Olympic movement through their own introduction. That lecture so impressed by Hou Kun, in his lead, a community worker through the selection to become the first member of the propaganda teams. Hou Hao believes that such a story can be broadcast in people’s hearts.

  Every identity has contributed to Dong’ao for 4 years. Beijing Winter Olympics troupe from Beijing to all over the world, in-depth school, institution, enterprise, factory mine, military camp, community. In this process, the propaganda group continues to expand personnel, and members of the propaganda group of different identities have become a business card in various industries, showing China’s development results in various fields such as science and technology, culture, sports and transportation.

  Many propaganda team members have their own work, while normally busy preaching the side of busy work, fun.

No matter which kind of identity, they are using their own wisdom and sweat, making their own contribution to Beijing Winter Olympics.

  Beijing Winter Olympic Organizing Committee office area security chief Li Hong, following a former Shougang blast furnace workers, he put down a 10-year grip drill rod, put on uniforms for the Olympic Winter Games security service, has become a propaganda group members, a few years, and the Winter Olympics get closer and closer; China Unicom employees Chia, together with partners to conduct 5G fiber construction in Yanqing Division; Beijing Ji Shui Tan hospital orthopedic trauma doctors Sun Xu, in order to complete alpine skiing medical rescue tasks, often carrying heavy up to 15 kilograms of rescue equipment, walking in two or three degrees Celsius below zero in the resort; Beijing Shougang Park ice division Liubo Jiang, in order to master the curling ice track of the "dot" technology, within two months traveled exercise of up to 150 km road …… in addition to preaching under the theme line, propaganda teams also erected a cloud platform, crafted 100 "I and Winter Olympics story" series of short video lectures, in the bus, subway, high-speed rail, building TV , play urban routes and Air China’s large screen covering nearly 200 cities.

  The future, Beijing will continue to Winter Olympics propaganda teams summarizes, continue to tap the story aspects of the Winter Olympics athletes, coaches and support personnel and other running events, create a good atmosphere for the success of the Olympic Winter Games.

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